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RFID Technology

How does a RFID system work?    

The basic parts of a RFID system include a tag, which has a microchip and small antenna, and a reader or interrogator with an antenna.  The reader sends out waves to the tag and the tag then responds back to the reader with the information.  That is the basics of a RFID system.

What is the difference between low-, high-, and ultra-high frequencies?

RFID tags and readers need to be on the same frequency in order to work.  The difference of the frequencies is the same as a radio.  Different channels have different information.  The radio waves behave differently at different frequencies, so it is important to find the right frequency to use.

How do I know which frequency to use?

Low end frequencies require less energy and are cheaper.  They work well on non-metallic items.  They do work well around items with high water content, but the read range is limited to just a few feet.  An ultra-high frequency is effective at reading tags from a farther location.  Also, UHF can transfer the data faster than low end frequencies.  The downfall of UHF is the fact that is cannot read through certain materials.  The line of the tag has to be more directed to the reader.

Are all countries going to use the same frequency?

The answer is no.  Governments will decide what frequencies to use.  They will also regulate the power of the readers to limit the interference with other devices.

What are some common types of RFID equipment used today?   

RFID equipment can be broken into 3 main categories.  There are RFID readers, RFID tags, and RFID antennas which are the back bone of RFID equipment and are vital in running a RFID supply chain.  There are other RFID equipment used in that can add more efficiency to the supply chain.  These are such equipment as RFID printers and RFID smart labels.

Why is RFID technology so important?

Many top end retailers and companies are using RFID technology right now and are requiring suppliers to do the same.  The RFID technology helps the supply chain flow faster with less time spent on tracking the supply chain.

Why should I use RFID technology?

With growing inventory costs and the down time of lost inventories, RFID technology can help decrease the extra costs caused by leaks in the supply chain.  RFID technology has been around for many years now and the use of RFID technology in the supply chain has shown great success in the efficiency of the supply chain.