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General RFID Information

What is radio frequency identification?    

Radio frequency identification, or RFID for short, is a term describing technologies that use radio frequencies to identify objects.

Is radio frequency identification technology better than using bar code technology? 

Radio frequency identification technology is not necessarily better than bar codes.  It can work in conjunction with bar codes to help keep track of inventory.  The main difference is the fact that bar codes have to be in the line of site for the scanner to reader it.  RFID tags can be read as long as they are in range of the reader.  Another benefit of using radio frequency identification is whereas bar codes only identify a type of goods, radio frequency identification technology can narrow the information down to the single product itself.  Radio frequency identification technology also allows for data to be encoded onto the tag and multiple reads can occur at the same time.

Will radio frequency identification technology replace bar codes?

That is not very likely since bar codes are inexpensive and are effective for certain tasks.  RFID will grow and work with the information on the bar code to help inventory and inventory tracking costs low.

Is radio frequency identification technology new?

RFID has been around since the 1970’s, but has been too expensive to operate.  Today, companies are finding cheaper ways to produce the RFID tags and making the whole RFID system more affordable than ever.

Are there companies out there today using RFID?

Yes, there are many companies that use RFID for many different reasons from asset management to inventory tracking to access control to toll collections.

What are some of the common applications for RFID?

RFID can be used to track any type of inventory and manage any assets.  RFID can also be used to provide access control for people and vehicles.  RFID is even used to collect payments at tolls.  The use of RFID is limitless in its possibilities.

How will RFID benefit my company?

RFID can be used to track work in progress and can speed up the flow of goods in a warehouse.  The main goal of RFID is to reduce the cost of labor used in tracking goods and also reduce errors in shipping and overall inventory levels.